Monday, November 7, 2011

Halloween 2011

I know it has been a couple of days since Halloween but this Mama has been so sick and then dealing with a sick family has made posting pics...well challenging!  So, let me start by saying that this year I just knew I would do a better job of pictures because I have switched to manual focus, and I have had a year of taking pictures and knowing more about my camera.  But instead I feel I got the normal shots that can be achieved by a point and shoot.  Oh Karen Russell when will I have your skill?  Check out her blog to see what I mean...  But, thankfully I have very cute girls and I love them more than I can express so I love the shots all the same.  It was so much fun to see Audrey really understand Halloween and really this was the first time Lauren went door to door for candy.  Enjoy!
My Lauren and Audrey were both princesses.  I so love my girly, girly girls!

This is part of the posse that went Trick or Treating together.  Meridith is having them look at the camera and they never looked at me after that...ugh!

This is Romney showing me his warrior pose.

Meridith showing off her cool costume.  I did not dress up...I am not that cool!

Phoenix and Paige as Zoro and a Cat. 

The kiddos running up to get candy and... 
And the parents watching the cute!

Audrey and Sam.  They were inseparable the whole night!

I was hoping to get Audrey's face a little but I did get a good shot of her raisinets!

I love this shot!  

She obviously knew where she was going... 

This place was well lit up I just knew I would be able to get good pictures...but not so much!

This cat was so cool and kinda spooky but Audrey went right up to it and to check it out.  It is kinda dark but I think it is pretty cool.  Happy Late Halloween!

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